Safety Workshop

We are hosting a safety workshop to help you develop a company culture of safety excellence on November 23 in Langley, BC.

Safety Excellence, Work Safely, Home Safe, Everyday

We help you to keep employees healthy, safe and productive. Safety excellence is only achieved when a strong safety culture has permeated every aspect of your business. Safety should be looked at as a continuum. While the foundation of process safety, focused on compliance, is an essential requirement, moving from compliance to safety excellence is a transformational journey to a great safety culture- not just a bunch of stats and check marks.

Safety excellence is more than a sentence on your corporate value statement, it is when everyone is working safely in everything they do.


Occupational Health & Safety Software

Xilo is the award winning leader in OHS software. Our comprehensive Occupational Health, Safety suite has the most complete functionality and user-friendly design in the market. Our product suite is used by the best known companies, organizations and government entities. Our core values are alignment with organizational excellence in enabling our clientele achieve safety excellence. Our global network of 800+ Authorized Service Providers and Value Added Resellers is comprised of trained health, safety, rehabilitation and organizational excellence professionals. Not only do we know your world, when you work with us you know are in this journey together. So much so that when you think safety, you think Xilo.

Best Value in OHS Software Available Today

Less Expensive

Spend less than you think and get more. Xilo is comprehensive health and safety information management system that provides tremendous value for a reasonable price. In most cases, for roughly the same price of a single silo designed inspection or incident investigation application you get a comprehensive malleable health and safety information management system (policies, SOP’s, incident, people management, job descriptions, tools and equipment management, ppe, and much much more…)

Quicker Setup

Be up and running in much less time thanks to out of the box templates that are easy to modify to meet your needs.

Fantastic Support

Ongoing support as well as the help you need during implementation and setup. Our integrated contextual walkthrough help system eases user adoption as it’s always there to guide you through activities.

Product Advisory Board

Early on, EARA Technologies recognized the value of an advisory board made up of partners, clients and industry experts. The product advisory board was created in order to review proposed product enhancements, planned functionality for future releases, and to explore strategic direction for the future of the Xilo product suite. The board is an important forum for the exchange and free flow of ideas that will help Xilo remain the leader in OHS software.

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