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EARA Technologies knows the importance of employee health and safety. A safe employee is a productive employee; therefore, safety excellence should be the top priority for any company. The foundation of compliant safe processes is essential, but it is not just about ticking boxes and boosting stats. Why do we say this? There has never been more legislation, more compliance, and more safety professionals at any point in time in history. Yet the incidence of workplace injury and illness has not been impacted significantly over the last 20+ years. What does work? Creating a safety culture that encourages employees to move from mere compliance to safety excellence. Through Xilo, companies can create a culture of safety excellence that permeates every aspect of the business.

Safety excellence is more than a sentence on your corporate value statement, it’s a workplace philosophy that is put into practice every day, by every employee, in every aspect of their work. Empower your team with the right tools and practices to be excellent. When you think safety, think Xilo!

Xilo: Award-Winning Occupational Health & Safety Software

At EARA Technologies, our core value of organizational excellence enables our clients to achieve safety excellence through our award-winning Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) software: Xilo (the world’s first Safety ERP). Our Safety ERP is the most user-friendly, functional design on the market and is used by many well-known companies, organizations, and government entities. With a global network of 800+ authorized service providers and value-added resellers, Xilo is the final word in corporate safety excellence. Our network includes trained health, safety, rehabilitation and organizational excellence professionals that understand OSHA and ISO compliance and the importance of safety culture. With Xilo you can:

  • Integrate and reference data across organizational silos and between EHS functions
  • Train and track employees’ alignment with operational and compliance requirements
  • Standardize workflows and operational processes
  • Enforce access management policies for internal and external stakeholders
  • Define a quantifiable operational demands analysis (QODA™)
  • And so much more…

Xilo is an innovative software solution that brings together departments and employees through a seamless safety excellence package. Check out what industry leaders are saying about Xilo, CV Magazine’s 2016 Technology Innovator Awards winner for Best Safety Information Management System!

Xilo: Best Value in OHS Software Available Today

Cost Savings / Less Expensive

Spend less than you think and get more.  Xilo’s comprehensive health and safety information management system is a tremendous value. For roughly the price of a single silo inspection or investigation application, you receive a complete Safety ERP that is malleable and configurable to meet any company’s needs including policies, SOPs, incident investigation, people management, job descriptions, tools and equipment management, PPE, Return to Work, Audio-metric Testing, and much more! Call us today to find out how we can help you save money with our OHS software at 1-866-YES-XILO or click here to find out more.

Quick Setup

Our Safety ERP has incredible out-of-the-box templates that are easy to modify to meet your specific needs. Your Xilo can be running in a fraction of the time of other software, meaning you begin realizing more value faster.

Fantastic Support

Ongoing support as well as the help you need during implementation and setup. Reduce barriers to adoption with our integrated contextual walk-through help system to guide you through functional activities. We aid you through implementation, setup, and beyond.

Product Advisory Board

EARA Technologies recognizes that partners, clients, and industry experts offer a keen perspective on OHS systems and their knowledge is greatly valued in advancing our software. For this reason, we created a product advisory board that reviews proposed product enhancements, planned functionality for future releases, and strategic directions for the Xilo product suite. Our product advisory board is an important forum for the exchange of ideas that will help Xilo remain the leader in OHS software and the world’s first Safety ERP.

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