Milt Wright and Associates Liked the Software so Much They Became Partners.


Canadian Software Company Asked for a Review and Received a Partnership

U.S. Company Liked the Software so Much They Became Partners.

CALGARY, AB. October 14th 2014: You know you have an excellent product when the consultant you hired to review it asks to become a partner.

EARA Technologies have announced a partnership that teams the market leading strength of their Canadian Technology Company with Milt Wright & Associates, U.S. industry leader in Disability Management, Job Creation and Employment Resources. EARA Technologies asked Dr. Richard Pimentel, a lead consultant and senior partner with Milt Wright and Associates and an internationally renowned expert on Disability Management, to review their software XILO, a Health Safety Information Management program.

Upon reviewing the software, Dr. Pimentel’s analysis was a resounding endorsement in the form of a partnership.

He issued this statement on the software: “Finally XILO has created a software solution that not only expedites your Return to Work process, it improves it by bringing together HR, Safety, Claims, the medical community, absence management and occupational/non occupational return to work efforts into a seamless package. I endorse this system without reservation.”

Dr. Richard Pimentel has designed and implemented return to work systems for the private sector and government employers throughout the U.S.  He has pioneered proactive risk management and for over 20 years, he has been teaching and advising employers on how to create disability management and return to work programs that benefit both employers and employees. He is also an acknowledged authority on the Americans with Disabilities Act and his training has led to cost reduction initiatives and the implementation of policies and procedures to reduce work site accidents and re-injuries, it has also helped employers dispel stereotypes and embrace diversity. His endorsement proves the efficacy of XILO.

When asked about the partnership, Milt Wright and Associates released the following statement, “(we are) honored to partner with and endorse XILO. The software is comprehensive yet simple to use to manage the Return to Work process. It makes an impact by addressing employee needs while saving substantial disability management costs.”

CEO and President of EARA Technologies Inc, Grenville Lock, is equally positive about the partnership, “We are excited to partner with Milt Wright and Dr. Richard Pimentel, who are both seasoned veterans in the Disability Management and the RTW space.

The partnership will provide collaboration from Milt Wright & Associates on the development of a transitional return to work module within the XILO application.

According to a study by the Conference Board of Canada, absenteeism costs the Canadian economy more than $16 billion a year and a study by the Integrated Benefits Institute, which represents major U.S. employers and business coalitions, says poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion a year. Effective health and safety information management can significantly reduce the amount of time employees lose to injury or illness. XILO is the future of Heath Safety Information Management, and is currently the software of choice for many industries across Canada due to a proven track record of saving employees time and money and building healthier workplaces across North America.

EARA Technologies is an independent software vendor and software development firm based in Calgary. Founded in 2002, they have recently opened offices in British Columbia.

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