“Thank you EARA Technologies for developing such an outstanding tool to aid in effective ability management.  I use Xilo to find appropriate modified work, and involve the employees so that they understand that the work does in fact accommodate their restrictions… Xilo keeps our employees at work!  In addition, we have been extremely successful with getting external people using the application.  I believe that XIlo has aided in our success at reducing the number and duration of our Lost Time coaims, as well as reducing our monthly claims costs!”

  • Alice Howden, Industrial Health Nurse, Standen’s Limited

“Finally Xilo has created a software solution that not only expedites your Return to Work process, it improves it by bringing together HR, Safety, Claims, the medical community, absence management and occupational/non occupational return to work efforts into a seamless package.

I endorse this system without reservation.”

  • Dr. Richard Pimentel, Senior Partner of Milt Wright & Associates

“[Using Xilo] has enabled our business to eliminate the majority of worksite visits resulting in a significant savings on our WCB account. The ability to change and modify existing positions as our organization grows while archiving existing information is another wonderful benefit of this application. EARA Technologies personal and technical support program has been fantastic. They have gone the extra mile time and again and have provided excellent training and support for both our internal and external users.”

  • Alyssa Duniec, RN OHN. Sobey’s West