Solve Challenges, Capitalize on Opportunities, Think Xilo!

Think Proactive, Think Xilo:

Are you looking to track and act on leading indicators? Are you looking to assess risks at the job level, at the process level, and at the task level? Do you want your team thinking and acting safely by building safe work habits? How about reviewing matrices that quickly identify your risk levels? Are you looking to review your data to develop proactive activities that reduce, or even eliminate, injuries and illnesses in the first place? Look no further, look to Xilo.

Think Task Management, Think Xilo:

Make it easy to perform and assign worksite assessments and corrective actions to employees, supervisors, and safety colleagues. Simplify and reduce time spent following up on the status of these tasks and focus more on your people.  Create reports that summarize where each of these tasks are in the process, who’s doing what, what’s due when, and if you’re on track?

Think Training, Think Xilo:

Make it simple and easy to train, track and maintain training requirements based on job, job tasks, department and location. Easily put together a course catalog, sessions, and manage where your people are at. Reminders can be configured for both the employee and management. Always know who is trained and who needs a refresher.

Think Communication, Think Xilo:

Exchange or share information seamlessly with appropriate stakeholders (occ, non-occ, health clinic and with the nurse case managers, etc.) without faxes and phone calls. The right information for the right stakeholder enables better decisions and better outcomes, every time. Save time and effort pulling together all the necessary information from HR, supervisors and managers. No need for outdated binders and file folders.

Think Incidents, Think Again:

The goal is always that everyone gets home safely every day. However, should an incident occur, with Xilo, not only can you track injuries and illnesses, but near misses, transportation mishaps, environmental releases, and anything else you would like to track.  You can identify the root cause of why an incident has occurred so it doesn’t happen again. Include your supervisors and managers in the incident investigation process and raise their awareness.